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Dec 14, 2011
I recently ordered Brandon Sanderson's Way of Kings book from it came today, and to my surprise it was actually books one and two in one. RRP was 16.99 what I actually paid was 4.11.

A bargain if ever there was one.

Have any of you guys had the same kind of luck when it comes to books?
That would be a great bargain for just the first book alone. The Way of Kings is a big book. To get both books for that price was a steal.
Loads! I collect books so buy a lot of remaindered stuff etc. My best buys over the years

A signed, limited to 1000 hardback of Isabelle Allende for £1.
Seamus Heaney's second hardback for two quid (we sold that one, though, and did well)
The entire boxed Redwall collection for 30p
Chonicles of Narnia rereleased originals for a pound each.
And loads more...
I'm not fussy about the condition of my books. Library discards are welcome. Years ago, I got the mid-1950s Times Atlas of the World, five elephant folios with tipped-in maps, for 25 cents each. At a university book sale I got 70 books for myself and others for 50c each. At a sale of the Urbana, Illinois, public library friends, I got 35 books for a total of $1. These are some finds that stick out in my memory.
I got an ARC of Game of Thrones for $11, a first printing of Eye of the World by Robert Jordan for $8, and an a ARC of the Hunger Games in a book swap. All were new except EOTW, which was like new. I've found a number of first printings of AGOT in hardcover for $10-$15 over the last 2 years or so, one was signed. I also found a mint first edition copy of the Windup Girl at goodwill for $3, which I later brought to Paolo Bacigalupi to sign. That's about it. I guess these would be considered my lucky finds. On occasion I'd find a book signed by Brandon Sanderson for almost nothing, but this doesn't happen very often.
How's this for a bargain? I bought a Kindle for £40. It came with 1308 books on it. Lots of SFF too!
I wandered into my local bookshop today to apply for their membership card (which gives members 10% - 25% off full-price items)... and came out with a bulging bag of books from their newly-established clearance section - all priced at the equivalent of £1.50 each!

Thanks to that clearance sale, I now have books 1 to 5 of the Septimus Heap series, a couple of Maggie Stiefvater titles (I've been wanting to try her books), 3 Eva Ibbotson books, and "Making The Cat Laugh" by Lynne Truss.

Not a bad haul since I got them all at a 75% - 85% discount.
Smiths often have a £5 off when you spend £15 deal, activating from the white till vouchers (called smart bouncebacks). If you get a 3for2 of BOGOHOP and use one of those you're paying internet prices on the high street, which is well worth it.
I usually get books from thrift stores or the library. But although I just checked out "I, Robot" by Asimov, our library does not have any of his other robot stories. Therefore I will read them online.

Free Books Online Read doesn't have a wide selection, but you can read some books online for free. I recently read "1984" on that site, and I will read the rest of the Robot series and other works by Asimov. You can't beat free access. :)
I bought all 3 volumes in paperback of the "The Millennium Trilogy" in a charity shop.
All in near new condition, the whole lot for a £1, how about that!

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