tera forming and foxes

Jun 17, 2012
Friend of mine was looking for a book written in the 70s maybe 80s about a planet that is terraformed. because of the terraforming method the people get psychic link with fox type creature.
Doesn't quite seem to fit, but the one that comes to mind is Medea: Harlan's World (1985), an anthology which also included the various writers' conferences at which they worked out the details of this imagined planet. These were not truly "fox-like" creatures, but there were some elements of the fox to them, and they were called "fuxes"....
This was more than just academic to me. More than just a curious search.
Because I also had a dim memory of reading an engaging story about fuxes.
It's a memory more dim than the shredded afterglow of Creation.

So as @j d worthington said, there is that in Medea: Harlan's World. So far I've read "Hunter's Moon" by Poul Anderson. Other than the fuxes, that story didn't quite fit for me either.

I'll check the other stories. And stories about the fuxes may not be all confined to that anthology either. Still looking for those, out of my own intense interest.

There is no terraforming there, at least in that story: in fact the xenologists and others on Medea are careful to design their outpost so that it doesn't interfere with the local ecology. That includes RF transmissions, and keeping human population below a certain level. (Medea to Earth: Get a clue!)

But "Hunter's Moon" is all about the two humans' neurological link (firing pattern voltages and biometrics transmitted on both a radio and a UV frequency) with two natives of very different (and warring) species.

(The other species is an atmosphere-flying balloon likened to a Portuguese Man-o'-War.)

So whether either of you are still out there, I second the motion that it may not quite fit, but it is very much about the fuxes, and very much on point about the biological bases of a "psychic" link.