Stephen Palmer, Hairy London

Hi Stephen! I really loved Hairy London! It was so much fun...and so cleverly written. I wrote a review at Amazon UK under the name 'CR'. But to The Chrons readers, I highly recommend the book...I smiled or laughed throughout the entire work. I wish I could write like this!! :)
Many thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it. It was a bit of a gamble for me to be honest, I'd never written anything like that before, and it was "straight out of my subconscious" and written very quickly. Thankfully the reviews have been largely positive.

I'm not sure now that I'm going to be able to do anything like that again though. I think it was a complete one-off!
Fascinating book! I can't wait to find out the connection between the nature of love and an invasion of hair.

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