Stephen Palmer, Hairy London

Stephen Palmer

author of books
Dec 22, 2009
Out now, with 10% off currently at amazon:-


- available as a paperback or an ebook.
Stephen, is the paperback available in North America? Amazon has the kindle version listed in Canada. I would like to get the paperback if possible.

Well done and best of luck. The premise sounds like one of the most original things and I look forward to reading it.
Hey Stephen! Just purchased this on Amazon...the book sounds terrific, and what a great cover! It is next on my reading list.
Finished the book. Enjoyed it.

I've stuck a review up on Amazon and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. :)
Stephen, I am in the middle of the book and totally digging every lovely, loony word of it! I will give a review here after I finish...OMG though, simply for the wonderful (fictitious?? :)) British character names it is worth the price of admission!!! :)

(To anyone considering Hairy London, I will mention the book is of the cleverest-funny things I've ever read.)
I just ordered the Paperback...way more money but I don't own a kindle and though I have the app for the tablet and phone I much prefer the paper.

Can't wait to read it, sounds really cool. I described it to my wife and now she wants to read it too. :)
Hey Stephen, I finished the book and it was great. I posted a review on

Well done and I hope for great success with this book
I'm delighted to say that it looks quite likely that an audio book is going to be made of Hairy London. It's been in the pipeline for a few weeks, but I've not been able to say anything about it until today. I'm going to sign over the audio rights, then wait for this man (Mr Roger Watson Esq, esteemed voice-over artist) to do his stuff. I've heard a test-run of chapter one, and it's amazing! Think 'Sir Henry At Rawlinson End' meets Monty Python... :D
Congrats Stephen, that sounds great. Having read the book I look forward to hearing a sample

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