"Under the Skin" by Michel Faber


Jun 21, 2011
I mentioned this book in the "March" thread, so apologies for repeating myself a little ...

I got this book out of the library after reading about the Jonathan Glazer film.
I enjoyed it (although reading reviews of the film did mean that I already knew some of what was going on from the outset).

I just wondered if other Chron. members had read it and what they thought?

Also, in the clips of the film that I have seen, Isserley's victims walk into a pool of black gloop. This reminded me quite strongly of C. L. Moore's story "Black Thirst" (and nothing similiar happens in Faber's novel).

Anyway ...
I read it when it came out (I'd liked The Crimson Petal and the White) and found it very intense: horrifying, sickening and pathetic all at once.

It's one of the most powerful stories I've read -- a genuine horror story that has stayed with me for years, rather like Perfume, but with more cars.

I don't want to see the film.