New Farscape show


Searching for a flower
Aug 22, 2007
Hunting in the woods
I just hope it can capture that same crazy magic without doing a JarJar Binks on us. Farescape managed to walk that fine line of being utterly silly and crazy without really crossing it.

A 20 odd year time gap sounds like a good way to let them continue whilst also likely not having access to all the original actors (some of which might only appear for short one or two episode stints).

I don't think Zaahn will make a re-appearance beyond memories in the characters minds. Rygel and Chiana went to retake Rygel's throne so there will be an interesting setup there to see how that went; could be he held onto it; could be he lost it (again).

Sikozu might also make a re-appearance; even though Scorpy did leave her on the planet to die she was resourceful.

Scorpy I think would be hard pressed not to make a re-appearance though I hope its as him and not Harvy (I'd rather Chriton managed to remain mostly sane this time around - even though he does love playing insane characters in sci-fi).