Jupiter War signed first impression?


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Jan 24, 2014
Bideford, Devon.
Does anyone have any idea where I can obtain a signed first printing of The Jupiter War?

For years I bought signed 1sts on eBay or via ABE. Now both sites seem to have been invaded by the megasellers who give no information about the books they're selling whatsoever, other than author, title and format, and not always that.

The dealers who did properly describe their wares appear to have been pushed out by that unhelpful lot - I phoned 4 different eBay listers, only to find that the people they have answering emails and phone calls have no access to the stock, so can't answer any questions anyway!

Send a pm to Neal Asher and ask him? He's a member here, you never know...

It is an idea. I did consider it, but most authors don't like to get into that kind of thing as it means them first taking delivery of a book, then signing it, then packaging and returning it, which is all time-consuming and basically unpaid work. Plus it is unlikely that they would only have one such request from fans/readers/collectors.

Though, if he is looking in: Mr Asher, would you, by any chance, be likely to be doing any book signing appearances in North Devon in the near future?

Oh, and on the subject of North Devon, we have a book festival every year in Appledore. Would you consider putting in an appearance this year? I don't think we've ever had a SF writer, let alone a heavyweight in that field. Would be nice if you could bring a friend or two, like Alastair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton, Richard Morgan, David Brin, Larry Niven (REAL wishful thinking, those last two - not sure we could afford their air fare).


Neal has sold signed copies of his works direct from his blog in the past, so it might be worth an ask?

Mind you, given the current news I would perhaps wait a while.

I'm no good with words, but if you read this Neal, please accept my condolences.
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As you can't post links, Another Will - not enough posts - I'll do it for you:

However, as AW has hinted at, anyone wanting to contact Neal ought to be aware that the last post there, dated 25th January, announced that his wife had passed away the night before (24th January 2014).

Very, very sad. :(

I'm sure we all wish him well during this heart-breaking time.

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