What are you working on right now?


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Oct 28, 2008
Leicester, The Las Vegas of the Midlands!
These days I find my way into a novel not by worldbuilding and then dropping characters into said world but by finding a character and building a world around them. I've just found my latest character (or the seed of him) while watching the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch 'One Leg Too Few', in which a one-legged man approaches a casting agent for the part of Tarzan. The one-leggedness isn't the funny part so much as the casting agent's thoughtful and eloquent management of the poor guy's expectations ("Now your right leg I love. When you came through the door I instantly thought to myself 'that's the leg for the role'. I've nothing against your right leg. Unfortunately... neither have you..."). I like the idea of taking that sensibility and outlook and putting it into a fantasy character in a fantasy world.
That's all I have really. But just the idea makes me smile and gets me thinking.

JS Wiig

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Dec 23, 2020
About three weeks left in the first draft of a low fantasy novel. Then it sits for a while.

Next up I have a scifi draft banging to get out, and a couple short stories ready for revision. Probably finish the draft before starting on the shorts.


Apr 6, 2020
Hi everyone, not a new member but new to this post.

I'm currently drafting an early middle grade horror based on the nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb, a flash fiction memoir, and a vaudeville picture book about invisible disabilities. I'm also working with my editor on my picture book about consent.

I'm currently waiting on responses from publishers about my science fiction chapter book, two picture books about disability, and a fourth wall humor picture book.

David Evil Overlord

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Jan 25, 2012
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1) Sequel to my first novel (YA superheroes). When building a superhero high school in a disused supervillain lair, make sure you've removed all the death traps. And all the supervillains.
2) Novel set in an alternate timeline where the Britannic Empire has necromancers and a God of Health Insurance, and a giant turtle is about to eat London.
3) Novel with a herald who has been sent on a quest to slay a dragon and return the hoard of toilet paper and hand sanitiser to the plague-ravaged kingdom. And the Princess has come down with an advanced case of necromancy.
4) The superhero high school has around forty students. I now have about ten minor characters demanding novels of their own.