What did you blog about today?

It wouldn't let me comment at your site, so I'll comment here. Good post! (Although the thought of little girls growing up with Servalan as a role model is ... disturbing.)
Well, at least she was proactive. :)

Thank you! I wonder why the comments aren't working - I have them enabled but requiring me to review first, but it's not there for me to review. I might see if I can get a couple of victims to try it out. :)
I think you have to be signed up for the right something or the other in order to comment, and apparently I'm not.
Once I had a comment for one of my blogs which just failed to show. Wasn't in spam, to be reviewed or anything. It just disappeared.
My mini blog tour continues. My post "The Magical World View" has just appeared on Leasspell. There are some other interesting things going on there (as indeed there have been on all the blogs I've visited) which have nothing to do with me (which some might say is what makes them interesting), and you might want to look around.
Well said Thersea. I also love Christmas, and have had some tough years around that time. Spending Christmas in the hospital with my Mom was a tough one but I hold the memories close now. We have had tight Christmases too and like you said, sometimes those can be the most rewarding. I'm always eager to get into the Holiday spirit but it helps to have snow on the ground already (take what positives I can get from snow)
No snow at Christmas here. We get a tiny bit of snow every thirty or forty years, but never at Christmas. But cold weather gets me in the mood, and the Christmas lights. When I was a child, we'd go caroling, and whenever we came to a house with a string of lights it seemed quite magical, even though -- or perhaps because -- the lights weren't as bright then. There was something mysterious about the dim colors glowing in the darkness on the darkest nights of the year.

Still, I like the new displays, too.
We've had snow more often here, TE. I'm not so much for the stuff anymore-I've pretty well outgrown all the fun of the stuff that children tend to enjoy, and with my leg the way it is, it not only aches, the risk of slipping is just unacceptable.

Christmas is always a favorite time of year for me, though. It's one of the few happy times of the year in this house, and a good dinner, and I have always enjoyed the displays and carols/songs as well.

Well, the older ones anyway. Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Harry Connick Jr. I don't really care for the rocking out ones.

Over Youtube-and I don't know where it comes from originally-there's a clip of some movie where David Bowie and Bing Crosby end up singing Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth together. It's pretty nice.
Nice post, ratsy! I think it's one that will strike a chord with a lot of us ... it did for me.

And congratulations on the release of your book, Mouse!

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