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Just read your musings on art and sanity @Stephen Palmer Totally agree. I love making music for absolutely no reason other than maintaining my mental health. Sometimes the act of creation is enough and it doesn’t really matter if it’s music, writing, painting or anything else. It also doesn’t really matter if the result is a success or not. It’s all about the act in itself because that is how we grow.
I did a short story of aliens on Bodmin Moor for this month's BlogBattle prompt of "Messy".

This week's scrap-book/ round-up / link-storm of news and events from off world:

Space junk rendezvous mission, methane from salt layers on Mars and loads more...

#space #industry #exploration #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday

Below: A shot of a derelict Japanese H2-A space tug, taken by the Astroscale space debris rendezvous mission:

H2A upper stage from astroscale satellite.jpg

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