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I'm starting a new series on my Substack.

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Just wrote a post that is not SF gobbeldygook or messing. Think it's my fourth one. More of a reminder to keep rattling away at the writing, but a blog post it is.
An Ancient Solar System:

This week, off world: Karaoke in space, Japan lands on the Moon, and loads more...

#space #industry #exploration #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday

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Our weekly round-up / link-storm / obsessive's scrapbook of news and events from off world:

Japan's SLIM lunar lander recovers, Sierra-Nevada's Dreamchaser spaceplane unveiled, and loads more...

#space #industry #exploration #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday

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I review This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone.
This is one I've had on my reading list for a while so it was great to see your take on it!

Here's one for today, aka Valentine's Day... Being the contrary soul I am, I thought I'd take a look at other kinds of love in books.
Non-Romantic Love in Fiction

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