What did you blog about today?

I haven't actually written one for ages. I copied and pasted some from my blog here a while back, which is cheating, I know. Then the other day when I was updating my website, I posted some stories there so a couple of the links on my site went somewhere.

Here tis. Em's Blog
I'm the same as Stephen. I'll only post when I have something I *really* want to say, which is why I called it my "News/Info" page rather than a "blog". :)
If we're allowed to be a little tangential (and a day late...) I rambled a bit about Stargate Atlantis and Universe: Thaddeus the Sixth: Stargate Atlantis and Universe

Er, today's blog was actually about the first F1 test [separate blog], but I suspect that's a mile too far off-topic.
Congratulations Stephen on joining a rather super-duper elite club of authors/editors/publisher. Nice website! ;)

As for what I've been blogging about recently... not about the traditional steampunk, cyberpunk, ******punk, weird, new weird, golden age science fiction stuff, but about new-fangled nascent stuff of progressive science fiction... more to come on that topic. :cool:
Today I was working on Part 3 of my Introduction to the Trarsani language. If you're interested in alien grammar and alphabets, you can start here.
Wonder why I can't ever seem to write anything for my own blog?

Thanks, guys! :D

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