The Prince of Lies (Third book in the Night's Masque trilogy)

Ursa major

Bearly Believable
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Aug 7, 2007
I've now finished reading the last part of the Night's Masque trilogy, namely Prince of Lies. It's hard to say anything too specific without giving spoilers, but I can state that this book is even better than its predecessors (which were both good), with plenty of action and intrigue, all of which was brought, in my eyes, to a satisfying end.

As I may have mentioned before, the trilogy contains magic (of which I'm not always a fan, if only because it's often used by an author to get their main characters out of trouble rather than forcing them to come up with a credible escape) and is set in a period of which I haven't previously had a great interest. However, in both cases, the author drew me in. In the case of the setting, there was enough detail to let me see what was happening, but not so much that the story was slowed down. As for the magic, there was more, and more powerful, magic than before, but the upping of the stakes was natural, not forced, and often to the disadvantage of the protagonists, who had to work harder merely to survive. All in all, a satisfying read that left me wanting more (but in a good way).

Definitely recommended.