Thoughts on Acts of Caine by Matthew Woodring Stover


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Dec 6, 2013
I just read the Acts of Caine series.

A, for me, truly inspiring and great work.
It's a 4 book series adult fantasy combined with science fiction. The story is well written and has a good paced plot, however it is also very much a book that holds a lot of hidden (at points quite explicit ^^) meanings and philosophies. Another point to keep in mind, is that this series, is really his best and core work. I feel like his Starwars novels, might discourage the reader from this series, as a result of some wrong assumptions: That's a catastrophe! :)

It doesn't seem to me that these books get a lot of exposure. The author do not even have a subforum here.

Have you heard about it or read it?
If yes: What do you think?
Well, no, I'd never heard of them or read them... but I just googled and read a great interview Scalzi did with Matthew, so my family just got another idea or two for christmas presentds for me. He comes over really well and boy, did it take him a long time to get published...
I absolutely love Matt Stover. A friend of mine introduced me to his work with "Heroes Die." We both liked the book so much we named our band after it!

Edit: I realize now, this is a necropost, but I didn't want to start a new thread. Would love to revive the discussion.
Read the first one which I thought was a good read as well as a tongue in cheek commentary on fantasy. Might read more of them if I run across them.
When I read Heroes Die, I had no idea there was (or would be) a series. Now that I do. I'd like to check them out. I'm kind of in residential limbo, though, so I don't have a local library to patronize.
I've read the first two, Heroes Die and Blade of Tyshalle, and enjoyed them both. The first, in particular, was a really good read as much for the idea behind it as the execution. I haven't gone further than that yet (too many books to read and not enough time:() but I do think Stover's a good writer. The first book of his I read was the Star Wars novel Shatterpoint featuring the character played by Samuel "yeah, I'll be a Jedi in yer film but only if I don't go out like some punk"* Jackson set in the Clone Wars era and it was definitely one of the better novels set in the universe.

* I think he just uses "L" these days as a middle name though;)

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