"Shannara" series coming to MTV

The Elfstones of Shannara is an exceptional book. The beginning is intriguing and introduces a world of concepts and ideas that enthrall and excites, paving the way to high adventure for the lead characters. The battles are plentiful and terrifically well narrated. A great book that would make great TV. If you liked Elfstones of Shannara I found Alan Dean Foster's 'A call To Arms' the modern day high adventure equivalent set among the stars. This too had great concepts and ideas.
I've seen the first two episodes and I'm enjoying it so far. I think I read somewhere here that the series is starting on the second book (Elfstones of Shannara) in the original (in terms of publication) series, and not Sword of Shannara. I'm not sure I got as far as Elfstones though I remember reading Sword of Shannara a long time ago. How true to the novel does the series seem so far?
Brian, I can't remember rating but it does have a few (3?) sex scenes, besides so many gratuitous bare-chested Wil shots that I wondered if it was written in his contract. :D

Besides those, rest is pretty tame re violence and swearing.
Watched the first episode - a little underwhelmed, but the two younger kids seemed to enjoy it. The eldest found it a bit predictable. However, the second episode on catch up has an 18+ warning for violence, blood, and gore. So now I'm not sure if I want to continue with this - a YA fantasy would be nice for the kids to watch, but if this series is aiming to do a Game of Thrones and focus on blood and sex then I think we'll have to drop out.
There are some fairly gory scenes as the series progresses but it is mainly fantasy violence - the sex scenes are all PG-13 and nothing too steamy. It never approaches the sort of violence in GoT and the violence/gore that is present is not done in a dark way.

As seems to be the trend nowadays you can show monsters getting their heads lopped off but skin is a big no-no!

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