Sword in the Storm - David Gemmell

Hari Seldon

Jan 17, 2008

I read A Sword in the Storm about 6 years ago. I just recently acquired the next three books of the series. Is there a website where I can get a recap of the first book before I embark on the next three.. A lot has slipped my memory and I do not have the the first book anymore.
There are a lot of ties between the first two books. You could check out the David Gemmell wikia page, not sure if they have a synopsis of that book up though.
A Sword in the Storm is a special book to me first ever Gemmell fantasy AND first fantasy book i thought was good since i was new to genre when i read in 2007. My nick is homage to great hero of the book, the series. Connavar of Rigante.

Why recap, re-read the great book. I want to re-read it many times. Thankfully my memory of the book is slipping now :)
Maybe I will re-read it. I will just have to go buy another copy. I usually pass on my books once read.
I grabbed a copy and started the re-read...great choice. Thanks for the advice. Is even better the second time around.
I'm 66 pages into this book, it's also my first by Gemmell and I do admit that it is incredibly good. David's language is wholesome and easy to understand. Also, his characters have a realistic depth and feel to them.
Truth is, I always had a good feeling about David Gemmell since I read the articles about his ideas and motives in writing but since I started Sword in the Storm, my feelings of his excellence have truly been confirmed. David Gemmell is a fantastic author and it pains me that he is no longer with us here today.
So I finished Sword in the Storm and Midnight Falcon. Both excellent well written fantasies. I liked Midnight Falcon a tad bit more. I really enjoy Gemmell. I have read Legend and Morningstar in the past. Next will be Ravenheart.
Gemmell is a fantastic writer. Winter Warriors was my first book by him and I thought it was fantastic. Not sure if it was a stand alone or not but I didnt have any confusion about the story or characters. You should give it a bash. Your inner child will love it.
Yes, Winter Warriors is a stand alone book and a great book, but I will say I have absolutely loved every one of his books, so start with whatever you have access to.
Why not re read it. Its brilliant

I agree! Re-read it!! I have read it again probably twice, its like seeing a great movie like Gladiator or Godfather again, you pick up on other details and just reading a recap would not even come close to doing justice plus you'll enjoy the next three even more.
Am reading this now and loving it. The text is smooth and easy to read, but the recreation of Celtic life feels so real - it's chock full of detail. Enjoying the use of magic here, too - based more on a traditional mysticism rather than RPG fireballs.

Also, for some reason, I read Ruathain as sounding exactly like the father in the film How to Train Your Dragon. Clever that I get that strong voice from it.
Finished the first three and about 75% through Stormrider. I found each book to be better then the next. Excellent series. I agree the mysticism is a welcome addition and I also enjoy the almost historical feel of the Scottish/Celtic highlander/clan way of life. I agree it is a very smooth read. I have lost a lot of sleep the last week or too.
Thought this was line was pure gold - the reaction Braefar gets when he's asked what he did when the bear attacked, and he replies that he had no weapon:

"Ah," they said. Such a little sound, such a wealth of meaning.

EDIT: And now Connavar sounds like Chris Hemsworth doing his Thor voice from those films. :)
Ha! Hemsworth's Thor voice always comes to mind as Uhtred's when I'm reading Bernard Cornwell's 'Warrior Chronicles' books :)
Uhtred with a Sheffield accent?? Nooooooo!!! :D

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