Don't buy this "Best Served Cold"!

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
The Iceland book. I mean people find they buy these things by mistake and they have discovered the next big thing ;)

(It'll be a long while before I get anywhere near reading it, but I'd like to think that Abercrombie's is going to be a given.)
But is it any good?

Controversial, apparently. Most reviews indicate it's well-written with good action scenes, but there are no likeable characters and the scene where everybody's locked in a freezer was considered grim for the sake of grimness ;)
You mean they were locked in the one with the vegetables, rather than the one with the desserts, because that's more than just grim, that's cruel.
Avoid the audiobook version: Malcolm Walker reads his own book out loud and doesn't care whether he's hoarse or not....


(Actually, to be accurate, he thinks someone else should be responsible for testing for that.)
Whoa! Whoa! there Karn, rein in the impulse to turn this thread turning into a nightMARE....

Lets refer to the mane thread Ursa linked us too
On a less amusing but similar note there are some histories by Theodore Ayrault Dodge I really like. However, some newer versions are heavily abridged, and they don't make it clear (the full books are 600-800 pages or so), so it would be very easy to buy one with half the content missing.

On Best Served Cold: is it grimdark?
I loved Best Served Cold, Abercombie manages to put forward farcial nature of the situation Styria finds itself. High tragedy follows in a epic story of betrayal (so much it makes ones head spin) and in some greed in others downright stupidity. I love the human touch he has with his writing, though his outlook is imensley bleak.
Am I the only one who keeps seeing Joe 'Applecrumble' each time someone mentions his name?
I went to school with an 'Abercrombie.' Wonder if they're related.

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