A Crown / Magician's End confusioin SPOILERS


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Nov 3, 2013
I finished the last saga now and was quite impressed by the ending. It lived up to the start of the series and tied things together pretty solid. I do however have one issue with it. Right before Pug and the gang blow up half of the isle with the svengari, there is an angel named Rider who meets a legion of Angels. I know Riders role in all of it and how she was stopped by the dread, but what was the purpose of even mentioning the legion with Riakel leading them if they took no part in the final battle at all? I can't really find any point before or after they were mentioned. I know Tandarae speaks of angels cancelling out demons or soemthign to the nature but even then they seem to play no role at all. Thanks in advanced!

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Jul 19, 2007
It's been a while since I read Crown, so my memory might be a bit rusty! I think it may be the most pivotal part of the whole series. I think it was Nakor who first mentioned angels and demons way back in the Serpentwar, and pondered why none had appeared; this sequence explains why, when the various demons had entered the universe before in the series, nothing had happened to cancel them out. I guess he mentioned the legion to highlight that fact that they were aware of the demon invasion, but were unable to help without a messenger. Whether Pug and company were aware that a legion of angels were assembling and just required a messenger, I'm not sure. I guess not though, otherwise surely they would have tried to get to them.