C. S. Lewis and the Bill Stickers Gang

The Bill Stickers Gang was instrumental in saving the Old Town Hall at Newton on the Isle of Wight -- now owned by the National Trust -- which is where I first heard of them.

And this article might be of interest, and confirms another kind-of link with CSL:
Only one member was officially "outed", in an obituary in the Times in 1996, when she died aged 93. This was Bill Stickers, aka Dr Margaret Steuart Pollard, a brilliant Sanskrit scholar, Cornish bard, historian and a great-niece of Gladstone.

Among her many achievements, she was, until 2004, holder of the record for creating the world's longest piece of embroidery, a 1,338ft (407m) depiction of C S Lewis's Narnia stories.
Yes--I sent a letter to the TLS about the tapestry after they reviewed a book about "Stickers," but I haven't seen it in print. You'll know it's me if you see a letter on Bill Stickers from a North Dakota address soon.
further to Bill Stickers will be prosecuted - this was , back in the late sixties, a short lived strip in the Beano (or Dandy ) comic. He lived his life constantly on the run, always thought he'd found temporary refuge but then would see a sign on a wall saying 'Bill Stickers will be prosecuted ' and take off again. Poor Bill's catchphrase "Who me? b- b- but I haven't done anything!"

Similar to the line from Zulu "fire at will " so why does poor Will deserve such treatment?

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