Frank Miller considers Buck Rogers movie

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    Brian Turner

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Miller is eyeing up the rights to Buck Rogers for movie production.

    Anyone who enjoyed the original TV series or comics is probably sighing with dread at the thought of Miller reframing the character in a dark and violent world over-run by dramatic camera lighting but poor on story.

    Okay, so the original TV series wasn’t the richest for story, but at least there was character, interplay, humour and a sense of fun that could be curbed as required for a little pathos.

    Unfortunately, Frank Miller’s screen coverage – and let’s be honest, his latter writing credits – have tended towards violence for the sake of violence, with mindless brutality a core focus to the exclusion of all else.

    While a modern Buck Rogers movie should be a pretty welcome prospect, somehow Frank Miller being the creative force behind it doesn’t inspire confidence.

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