Matt Smith is Doctor Who No.11

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    Brian Turner


    The BBC has finally announced Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor Who.

    The surprise is that Matt is both a relatively little known – and young – actor. At only 26, it will make him the youngest ever Doctor Who.

    The move to find Doctor Who no.11 came after David Tennant shocked audiences by announcing he’ll be stepping down for season 5 earlier this year.

    While David Tennant still has four specials to film over 2009, he remains plagued by back problems, and is still recovering from surgery.

    Meanwhile, Matt Smith will begin filming Doctor Who Season 5 next month, for release in 2010.

    The BBC has a profile of Matt Smith, listing his acting credentials, and the BBC Wales seems to be behind him.

    However, it would be easy to be cynical at this point over the actors age – Matt Smith needs to prove himself or else be labelled the Boy Doctor.

    Still, fans have rarely taken well to the Doctor regenerating – even though David Tennant plays a brilliant Doctor Who, he still had to convince people that he was capable of taking over from the popular Christopher Eccleston.

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