Alistair Reynolds lands £1 million book deal

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Oct 20, 2013
24th June 2009 05:06 AM

David Allen

The former astronomer with the European Space Agency (ESA) turned science fiction writer, Alistair Reynolds has landed one of the largest ever science fiction contracts.

In deal that is estimated, to be worth £1 million is with Gollancz an imprint of the giant UK based publisher Orion. In fact, Reynolds has been with the publisher since his first book, Revelation Space was published back in 2000.

It was only five years ago when he became a full time writer, he had been writing short stories for over sixteen years beforehand while working at ESA based in Holland.

The first three books of this new contract are already planned, it will be a trilogy based on how the human race expands out from Earth, to the solar system and then beyond.

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