Ridley Scott working on interactive Sci-Fi series

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Oct 20, 2013
24th June 2009 05:34 AM

David Allen

The director of such sci-fi classics as Bladerunner and Alien, Ridley Scott is currently putting together a team to produce a series of short science fiction films that will be exclusively aired in YouTube using a creative commons licence that will encourage viewers to share with friends etc.

In order to make this plan into a reality the director is seeking ten brands that understand how the internet and this type of production can be beneficial to all parties.

There is a precedence with Transport for London (TfL) getting involved with the online drama “Sofia’s Dairy” this demonstrates how sponsorship can reach a new audience.

Ridley Scott’s company RSA Films has a formed a new enterprise called Purefold, with the digital design agency Ag8 to produce the films and encourage organisations to get involved in the action.

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