Alien Nation to be remade

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Oct 20, 2013
2nd July 2009 05:37 AM

David Allen

In 1988, a feature film called Alien Nation hit the screens; it was different and became a hit. This success was followed by a series and five TV movies.

Now it seems that a new version of Alien Nation is in the pipeline, with Tim Minear of Angel will be creating a modern day version of series for Fox 21, for the Sci-Fi channel.

It seems that there is a race on, not to bring out something different and challenging, but to remake the popular shows of from the TV archives.

Alien Nation centres on the newcomers, a race of alien slaves who have found sanctuary on earth or rather the US!

The storylines follow racism, bigotry and segregation, it will be set around twenty years after the aliens arrived on earth and will be set in the Pacific Northwest.

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