Nimrod Antal to make ?Predators?

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Oct 20, 2013
3rd July 2009 05:47 AM

David Allen

20th Century Fox have confirmed that Nimrod Antal has been contracted to direct the next film in the Predator series.

The films producer, Robert Rodriguez is pleased about the director getting on board with this the third film in the Predator series to be called Predators.

The film is going to a more character driven action film, which will take how the first film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, his character really took the film to a more personal level, whereas the second film and the Alien verus Predator films were more reliant on special effects.

In fact, the script from the first film is to be used a template for the third film, which will be made at the Troublemaker Studios in Texas.

The film will follow a group of alien hunters, who happen to find themselves stranded on the Predator planet.