No more ?Lost? after last episode

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Oct 20, 2013
8th July 2009 04:58 AM

David Allen

As with a lot of successful and long running TV shows, when they come to end on the small screen occasionally the big screen seems to be an opportunity to cash in on the show’s success and keep it alive over a longer period.

There have been rumours that as the final episodes of “Lost” are planned to be screened, that there could a film in the pipeline.

However, the producer Damon Lindelof has spoken out about these rumours and as the final season draws to an end, the viewers will be treated to storylines that tie up as many of the loose ends as possible, so finally fans will be getting all or most of the answers that they are waiting for.

However, this still does not mean that the series will not return in a different form, maybe a sequel or another storyline.

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