Supernatural and Smallville could last longer

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Oct 20, 2013
6th August 2009 04:43 AM

David Allen

It seems that the rumours of the end for some of the sci-fi shows from the US based CWTV, may have been a little bit premature.

The two shows that were supposed to be under the axe were the popular Supernatural and Smallville. Apparently, both shows have been facing the cut, but not according to the President of CW, Dawn Ostroff.

Speaking at a the Television Critics Association’s Press Tour, she made it clear that in both cases the fate has not been sealed, in fact the stories that the producers have come up with for the current season shows that there could be a lot more to come.

The problem is keeping it all together, rumours of cancellation tend to make those involved look around to see what else is out there and once a successful team fractures, then it is downhill from then.