What does T5 have in store?

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Oct 20, 2013
14th August 2009 04:35 AM

David Allen

Despite the hype that surrounded Terminator Salvation by all accounts the fans were not too impressed about the film and neither were the critics either, but that has not put the brakes on the project as plans for T5 are underway.

Once again, McG will be at the helm and apparently his second stab that the story will involve more about time travel and the chase, rather than the special effects and a destroyed world.

By this, we can assume that a terminator and a rebel solider end up in present day. The story would be similar to the first two films; this is what really made the story for most fans.

The thought of a virtually indestructible machine creating havoc in our world is what the Terminator story is all about, although fans are also interested on how the world got to that stage too.