X Files man signs up for two projects

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Oct 20, 2013
20th August 2009 04:50 AM

David Allen

The writer Frank Spotnitz is most remembered for his work on the hit long running series the X Files has just agreed to work with HBO on two new science fiction TV series.

The first is Humanitas, this is set in the not too distant future where science has reached the point where doctors and the health service are no longer required on the scales that they are at the present time.

The second and more harder hitting series will be The World Inside based on the science fiction novel, this is set a few hundred years into the future on earth where the population has grown so much out of control and yet reproduction is still a priority.

The writer is also working with FX on a spy thriller too, you do not hear from someone for a while and all of a sudden three come along at the same time!

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