SG1 and Atlantis movies delayed

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Oct 20, 2013
7th September 2009 05:14 AM

David Allen

It would appear that the current economic conditions are having effects on film production after all with both the straight to DVD Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis films being delayed due to fears that DVD sales will not be solid enough.

According to the team behind the films who were talking at the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer tour, the team is ready roll with everything in place and the cameras being ready to roll.

The worry is that there may be a large enough market at the current to justify the production. Currently the team have their hands full with the new Stargate series that launches in October.

But not all Stargate fans are happy, some feel cheated by the production team, as some feel that they were mislead over the cancelation of the series and now the film has been delayed, many fans are talking about boycotting the SGU series.

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