Bruce Campbell gets big role in Spider Man 4

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Oct 20, 2013
15th September 2009 04:49 AM

David Allen

Could the producers of Spider Man 4 be looking for their leading villain to come in the shape of Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame and expert in playing the cameo role?

However, as with many of these claims the rumours swirl around the industry it is the sub rumours that make it so difficult to work out what is right or just a rumour.

So as it stands Bruce Campbell seems to have agreed to be Spider Man 4, but unlike the roles that he played in the previous films, he was a ring announcer in 1, theatre usher in 2 and a restaurant host in 3 and now this time around he could be playing the lead villain.

It seems that Sami Raimi want to play the lead villain Mysterio or so would seem according to Access Hollywood.

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