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Oct 20, 2013
16th September 2009 04:52 AM

David Allen

As the last series of Torchwood finished it left more questions than answers for the fans and this had led to fears that the Dr Who spin off will not be returning any time soon, so what now for Torchwood fans?

Well as with most popular science fiction stories, there is always the musical route! That is right the some Torchwood fans are looking to produce “Torchwood the Musical” and for anyone interested the details are below.

All applicants will be invited to audition unless wholly unsuitable, send your email to:
What they are looking for:
The characters we need to cast first are:
Jack (male)
Ianto (male or female, must be able to rap very badly)
Owen (male or female, must be able to sing quite high)
Tosh (female)
Gwen (female)
Rhys (male)
Of course, a musical would be nothing without musicians so we’re looking for some. You won’t be required until the score is finished, when there’ll be a meeting, then you’ll have time to learn it before the last rehearsals and show. We need:
- drums
- guitar
- bass
- piano
- rehearsal pianist (required throughout)
For this, send a video or sound clip of you playing to the address given above.

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