Google celebrates HG Wells birthday

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Oct 20, 2013
22nd September 2009 04:36 AM

David Allen

Finally Google have come clean and admitted that the crop circles graphics that have been adorning the Google pages and as we stated the a few days ago these graphics and a Twitter post providing a map reference to Horsell in Surrey.

In the War of Worlds, Horsell Common was the “First Contact” point before the invasion in the 1898 novel by HG Wells.

Many theories began appearing around the net as to the significance of the links, Twitter postings and the Google graphics that showed a crop circle spelling out Google and with a spacecraft hovering above.

According to Michael Lopez a web designer at Google, the search giant was very pleased with the response to the doodles and the clues that they left around.

HG Wells would have been 143 years old on the 21st September and thousands of people took part in the celebrations with Google.

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