SG:U to be released in two DVD sets

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Oct 20, 2013
1st October 2009 04:52 AM

David Allen

The much anticipated premiere of Stargate Universe is almost upon us, in fact in the US the first episode goes out tomorrow on SyFy, whereas here in the UK the first and second episodes will be shown on Sky One on Tuesday.

But even before these exciting premieres the producers are planning a the how to get the series out on DVD, but even this will not be a single event, producers and broadcasters have realised that by splitting a series into two, they effectively get two runs at it.

The same applies to the DVD boxed sets, it seems that broadcasters intend to show the first ten episodes in one block and then the final ten episodes at a later date, this pattern will be replicated by the producers as well with the release of two DVD boxed sets.