Next Star Trek film could be in 3D

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Oct 20, 2013
12th October 2009 04:42 AM

David Allen

The great thing about the release of a DVD is that during the launch there are opportunities to discuss with the producer the possibilities of a sequel and when comes to Star Trek, the producer JJ Abrams is keen to talk about Star Trek 2.

It seems that the creator of Lost and Fringe, has his hands full at the moment and will only be making sequels for the time being, the first of which is Mission Impossible: 4, but what we are interested in is Star Trek 2.

Of course, in theory this is not Star Trek 2 as die hard fans would be eager to point, but it is in the new era and there is more to come.

It seems after catching glimpses of Avatar, it looks as if Star Trek could be in 3D.

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