More Red Dwarf to come

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Oct 20, 2013
12th October 2009 04:53 AM

David Allen

Following the successful re-launch of the cult science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf earlier on in the year many fans thought that “Back to Earth” meant the end of the series forever, yet in sci-fi there is never really an end.

It red Dwarfs case this would seem to be true, as it looks like once again the satellite channel Dave will be commissioning more of the same, in fact, this new series will be at least six episodes long and why not the last series got some great figures.

The new series was sort of announced at the Dimension Jump event, the Red Dwarf convention where an email from the creator of series Doug Naylor, was read out and it seemed to have confirmed that a new series is in the pipeline, so all is looking good so far.

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