Lost poster gives no clues

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Oct 20, 2013
16th October 2009 04:19 AM

David Allen

It seems to have dragged on for years. However, at the same time Lost has become a part of our lives and no matter what you feel about the series it seems that at the end of every season the beginning of the next season cannot come around fast enough.

Yet here we are, the final season is due to be aired early next year and for fans of Lost it is a chance to see the whole story rolled up and finally some answers will be revealed.

The producers ABC have released an intriguing poster that has the words “The Final Season” in a large font across the centre. However, what is interesting is the line up at the top of page, this is the cast and most noticeable is the inclusion of Charlie Pace and Daniel Farraday.

Lost the final season with be aired early 2010 and will last for eighteen episodes, the last of which will be a shocker.