Star Trek does well at Scream 2009

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Oct 20, 2013
20th October 2009 04:17 AM

David Allen

The Scream 2009 awards have been an exciting event for science fiction fans and at the same time gave the industry itself a major boost.

One of the most interesting and it has to be said rather unexpected turn out, was when Captain Kirk or William Shatner as he is now known as, was on hand to pick up the top award for the latest film version of Star Trek in which Kirk did not feature.

It is interesting that the publicity that surrounds William Shatner and the Star Trek crew both past and present, yet he is picking up the Best Film award on behalf of JJ Abrams.

There are some quotes that Kirk said that the film was good, so just imagine how good it would have been with him in it! Beam me up!