Iain Banks? Culture heading for the big screen

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Oct 20, 2013
23rd October 2009 04:20 AM

David Allen

The Culture has been a theme running through the works of Iain Banks, from as early as 1987 when it first appeared in “Consider Phlebas” to many fans of Banks the Culture is many different things and that is probably what makes for a good legend.

The problem that faces the Culture now is how will it fit into the two dimensions of the cinema screen?

As with many epics film and TV take some parts out of the story, but often miss the essential glue that holds the stories together, this happen in Dune and even with additional attempts the story does not fully cross the media.

Yet The Culture will be made into a film and it will be interesting for viewers that have never heard of Iain Banks, but fans may not like the finished article.