The Caprica promos begin

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Oct 20, 2013
16th November 2009 04:25 AM

David Allen

Caprica is a spin off from Battlestar Galactica, in actual fact it is a prequel going back to explain how the Cylons were invented and developed.

There was a pilot out earlier in the year and anyone who managed to see it would have been impressed, simply because it was set on Caprica and not in space, the whole visual effect becomes more realistic.

When Battlestar Galactica ended it left more questions unanswered than expected, there is the mini series coming out that will explain a lot through the Cylon point of view.

However, as ever we need to know how everything started, what fashioned the story as we know it and how the war came about.

These questions should be answered in Caprica, which starts in the US in January 2010.

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