Zack Whedon writing Terminator Comics

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Oct 20, 2013
18th November 2009 04:38 AM

David Allen

Whedon is a famous name in sci-fi, Joss is well known for his work on Dollhouse and Buffy, but it is his brother Zack that is grabbing a piece of the spotlight.

For he will be taking over the Terminator comic series, unlike his brother who is interested in taking on the Terminator film franchise, which considering how the last film went, is a real hard task.

When it comes to producing a comic, the work is more personal and mistakes are fairly easy to iron out.

However, the comic series has a huge part to play in the entire Terminator franchise, as it can be used to test storylines and market the new film too, so it is not the soft option by any stretch of the imagination.

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