Torchwood to go back to weekly outings

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Oct 20, 2013
2nd December 2009 04:12 AM

David Allen

When the last Torchwood adventure ended it seemed that bring out Torchwood 4 would not be possible, but it seems that we were mistaken and the news that all Torchwood fans have been waiting for is out.
Torchwood will be getting a fourth series and John Barrowman will be returning as Captain Jack, but what of the rest of the cast?
According to an interview on BBC Radio, John Barrowman confirmed that the series had been given the go ahead and that production could be starting as early as January next year.
It seems that the series will switch back to the original format of thirteen weekly episodes, rather than the intense five episodes over five days format.
There are no further details as to who else is on board yet!