Author wants in on Star Trek 2

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Oct 20, 2013
3rd December 2009 03:59 AM

David Allen

Harlan Ellison is not really one of those high flying writers that everyone knows about, but all that may have been a different story for he wrote, The City on the Edge Forever.
This story was the second from last episode of the first series, the one that starred Joan Collins!
However the story was rewritten several times by Gene Roddenberry and that action started a ten year argument between the two.
Now that Star Trek in under new management Ellison has emerged and let it be known that he would jump at the chance of getting in on the action of Star Trek 2, maybe Joan Collins would be interested too.
This is just another way of a writer to pitch their skills to a film producer in the hope that someone like JJ will see it and say “Alright then!”