Sci-Fi epic next for Cameron

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Oct 20, 2013
10th December 2009 03:59 AM

David Allen

With the big budget 3D movie Avatar on the verge of being released, it seems that the director James Cameron is already planning his next project.
Apparently it is going to be a science fiction epic! So what was Avatar then?
According to the director himself, he is working on developing a script by Shane Salerno (of Armageddon fame) with Fox. More than that Cameron has been on quoted as saying on Twitter by the entertainment magazine, Production Weekly, as saying that this movie will be an event film.
Although there is nothing definite yet, the working title is believed to be “Doomsday Protocol” a film based loosely on the Seven Samurai, it involved humans and aliens, who join forces to save the planet, other than that there is little information around.

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