Caprica pilot goes online

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Oct 20, 2013
16th December 2009 04:16 AM

David Allen

In the US the Battlestar Gallactica spin off series Caprica is due to start in January next year, even though the pilot has been out since spring on DVD there are plenty of fans who are yet to see it.
So in a lucky break the for fans the SyFy channel are releasing the pilot known simply as Caprica online, so fans can watch it at their leisure and get an idea of what is in store when the series starts.
Unfortunately for us Brits the situation is not the same at all, there is little sign of a DVD or online release in the near or distant future.
This situation is of course made worse because trying to watch Caprica on the SyFy website does not work as the film is not available outside of the US, it seems that the UK fans have wait and hope for Caprica.

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