X-Men: First Class gets a writer

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Oct 20, 2013
30th December 2009 04:56 AM

David Allen

Ever since X Men Origins: Wolverine was in production the talk was what would the next X Men movie be about, many cool and interesting ideas have been suggested, but it seems now that the story line has already been created.
This news comes as the Bryan Singer releases a couple of clues, the title we already know to be X Men: First Class, what we are not entirely clear of is the content.
First up he has been looking for a writer and seems to have found one in the form of Jamie Moss (Street Kings).
Secondly is the content, the title suggests that the characters such as Magneto are the first class; we see glimpses of the story when a young Magneto was a boy during the war, and it seems to continue from that point.