Stargate Resistance ready for 2010

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Oct 20, 2013
1st January 2010 09:36 AM

David Allen

The impressively named Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has partnered with another firm equally impressively named Stargate Worlds to create a third person shooter game called Stargate Resistance.
Due to be released sometime during the year, the game is said to be focusing on Stargate of old, with many of the main characters being included, but the teams have access to three different types of characters, such as Soldiers, Commandos, and Scientists for the Stargate teams and Goa’uld, Jaffa, and Ashrak for the System Lords.
Each character has their own distinct skills and the way that teams are built up can influence the outcome of the battle or campaign, so it’s not going to be down to brute force that wins the war in the long run.