All change at Spiderman 4

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Oct 20, 2013
13th January 2010 04:07 AM

David Allen

It seems that after playing the role or Peter Parker and Spiderman for the last three films actor Tobey Maguire has decided that enough is enough and apparently will no longer be taking part in Spiderman 4.
According to the director Sam Raimi, the studio wanted to move in a new direction, this would mean a prequel, telling the story of Peter Parker as a teenager.
This turn of events would mean that leading lady Kirsten Dunst would also not be appearing in the fourth film either.
Clearly losing the two main actors was too much for Sam Raimi and he too will not be taking any further part in the production of the film.
It would appear that “Back to square one” would be a useful phrase at this time.

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