Sony is back with Terminator bid

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Oct 20, 2013
9th February 2010 04:14 AM

David Allen

The Terminator will be back it seems but with what studio, it looks as if the following last year’s Terminator Salvation that a bidding war could be starting for the franchise.
According to the industry magazine Variety, Sony are looking to bid for the franchise, they will join Lionsgate in the race to snap the film rights from the Halcyon Group who are currently facing bankruptcy.
Yesterday (Monday) was supposed to be decision day on both the bid for the franchise and the bankruptcy hearing too, although at this time there is no new news as to which way the decisions will be going.
So far Lionsgate have offered $15 plus 5% of the gross takings payable to Halcyon, details of Sony’s bid are not yet known.

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