Hedge fund wins Terminator rights

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Oct 20, 2013
10th February 2010 04:31 AM

David Allen

Following all of the ups and downs of the Terminator franchise it looks as if the rights to the Terminator have gone to the people that lent the current holders the Halcyon Group the money to produce Terminator Salvation.
It looked as if the bidding was going to be between Sony and Lionsgate, it was well known that the later was willing to pay around $15 million for the rights, but it seems that during the five hour long auction, the rights moved further away from them.
In order to keep up with the bids, Sony and Lionsgate actually joined forces but even their combined budgets were not enough to fend off the hedge fund Pacifor.
The final price ended up at $29.5 million, for that Pacifor have the Terminator rights, although under the deal Halcyon will get $5 million for each film made, keep the rights to Terminator: Rise Of The Machines and Terminator Salvation.

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